Spindle Stand Prototype Updates

Thank you so much to everyone who provided input on my previous post about the Simple, Slim Spindle Storage Stand. But it’s OK for you to do so in replies to the post rather than personal messages, I promise! That’s why there is a link to “Leave a comment”!

Here is the latest prototype, hot out of the laser engraver! (Her name is Blaze, if you were wondering.)

Updates for this version:

  1. The key-hole shapes in the top have been replaced by simple circles. I discovered the hard way that if you need to move the stand for any reason, the key-holes were accidents waiting to happen! (Don’t ask! At least they were my own spindles, rather than show inventory!)
  2. The circles are slightly smaller, which means the stand can now hold Spanish Peacock Russian-style spindles as well.
  3. The corners have been rounded off for both the top and bottom. This makes it slightly more visually appealing, although “starkly minimalist” remains the overall vibe.
  4. Mike did this weird voodoo to the upright pieces that created more tension in the whole stand. Now the top stays on better, and the stand is more stable. This is a Very Good Thing, to protect one’s investment in quality spindles.
  5. For now, we are going to skip offering engraved decoration for a slightly higher price. The feedback we got (and our own opinions) lacked sufficient consensus, so why complicate matters?

My final roadblock to these spindle stands being production-ready? I have to write assembly instructions! Since they pack flat, they are easy to ship, but it’s up to the customer to put it together correctly. Unfortunately, instructions are practically a different language from conversational English, so this may take a while!

One comment

  1. I’m liking the minimalist look, although I do truly love my honu original stand. Since I have now exceeded the original stand’s capacity, this will be a perfect addition! Also uses much less surface space, bonus!


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