Video Tutorial – Drop Spinning without a Notch

I finally recorded a video showing how to drop spin without a notch on a Spanish Peacock drop spindle. Sorry it took so long.

Also, YouTube appears to be glitching and not displaying the correct “Thumbnail” for this video, so I apologize that it does not actually matching the video contents. Hopefully it will let me fix it at some point!

This is my very first video, so please don’t laugh too hard! (Or if you do, just don’t tell me about it!)

Here is a close up of the spindle I am using in the video. It has very, very fine cracks in the wood along the grain, so the Spanish Peacock won’t sell it… which means it’s mine!

A Spanish Peacock cut out drop spindle
A Spanish Peacock Cut Out Drop Spindle

(It’s good to be the Peahen!)

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