Simple, Slim Spindle Storage Stand

(NOTE: this post is about a prototype version of the Spanish Peacock spindle storage stand. If you would like to see the final version, you can find it here. Now, back the blog!)

In the Peahen’s Ponderings Episode 3, I mentioned one of the new products in development at the Casa de Peacock (aka Spanish Peacock Secret Headquarters): the Simple, Slim Spindle Storage Stand.

Our goal was to create a spindle stand that can pack flat for easy shipping and storage; accommodate spindles with whorls of different sizes; and fit easily on a bookshelf or on a table against a wall. Most importantly, the spindles would be stored perfectly upright, with no weight or pressure at all on the shafts that might introduce that bane of a hand spindle’s existence: warp.

The first prototype is shown below. This design works well enough, and holds up to five small whorled (roughly 2″ diameter or smaller, or Russian style) spindles or three large whorled (roughly 3″) spindles – or a combination thereof! Shafts can be up to 9.75″ long (although that would scrape the bottom platform).

Simple, Slim Spindle Storage Stand - Version 1.0
Simple, Slim Spindle Storage Stand – Version 1.0

My main concern with this design, however, focuses on stability. On a shelf, or up against a wall on a table, it shouldn’t be bumped or knocked or rocked; but if it did, the whole thing shifted and wobbled more than I was happy with. The “pack flat” feature means the pieces need some amount of slack in order to go together and come apart … but it’s a little too slack.

Meet: version 2.0.

Simple, Slim Spindle Storage Stand - Version 2.0
Simple, Slim Spindle Storage Stand – Version 2.0

The additional center back support definitely improves the stand’s stability, although it increases the overall complexity by introducing yet one more assembly step.

Issues we are still pondering:
1. Whether the top of the stand should have just holes in the center, rather than key-hole shapes. It’s easier to put spindles in the stand with the slots there, but if the whole thing gets bumped and topples forward, the spindles would fall right out.
2. I’d personally like the stand to be prettier and less industrial / utilitarian in appearance. But even an artist can do only so much with plywood! (Unfortunately only plywood can flex to the extent needed for this design).
3. Should the stand be offered with laser engraved designs, for an additional cost? That would definitely increase the “pretty” factor, but what decorations (if any) would be worth the upcharge?

Once we get these remaining issues sorted out, the Simple, Slim Spindle Storage Stand will be available on the Spanish Peacock website.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on the Simple, Slim Spindle Storage Stand, please feel free to comment below! We’d also love to hear any additional product suggestions that you might have.

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