Supported Spindle Fashion Show: Model 6

The next spindle my supported spindle fashion show will probably come as no surprise to those who know me well: it’s another Spanish Peacock ninja!

Of my top ten favorite spindles showcased, three of them turned out to be ninjas. Everything else (Tibetans, beads, etc.) was represented by two or fewer spindles.

Supported Spindle Fashion Show Model 6: Yet Another Ninja!
Supported Spindle Fashion Show Model 6: Yet Another Ninja!

If I have a new spinning project, all other things being equal, I will reach for a ninja before any other type of spindle in my Spanish Peacock flock.

This particular ninja weighs 24 grams and measures just over 11″ long tip to tip. If you watched the Supported Spindle Fashion Show live feed or read any of the previous posts, you probably recognize that this is my personal “sweet spot” for supported spindles. Given my torso length and how the bowl rests in my lap while I sit to spin, 11″ is short enough that I can keep my shoulders down in a natural position while flicking and drafting. And 24 grams is light enough that I can wind almost one ounce of fiber onto the cop before my hand strength gives out.

Cocobolo whorl on a chakte viga shaft - this spindle has some of my favorite colors!
Cocobolo whorl on a chakte viga shaft – this spindle has some of my favorite colors!

I acquired this spindle by licking it and claiming it as mine. A few years ago, Mike had to do ALL the work to keep Spanish Peacock customers happy: making the spindles, inventorying & photographing them, loading them to the website, and packing the orders. When I started supporting Spanish Peacock full time, it became my task to inventory, photograph, and post spindles to the site. Which means I it’s my job to see and touch Every. Single. Spindle. he makes.

I have shown HUGE restraint, and only swiped a few supported spindles for my personal use in all this time! But I couldn’t resist this one, with its chakte viga shaft and cocbolo whorl in my favorite shades of burnt orange and red.

This ninja also has the unique distinction of being the only UNUSED spindle in my collection! (You can tell in the first photo because the tip is still immaculately sharp. Yes, I can resharpen tips using the same technique we shared several months ago… but I rarely bother!)

Saving spindles for something special...
Saving spindles for something special…

Why unused? I am saving up for a special spin – 10+ ounces of gradient-dyed Haunui blended with silk combed top from Allons-y Fiber Arts. I have been curating a selection of coordinating spindles. Yes, I obsess over matching my spindles and fiber! Since I spin relatively slowly, I focus on making every moment enjoyable, from both a tactile and visual perspective. You can see Model 6 staged in this photo – second from the right.

Four more “models” after this one! Stay tuned to see the next supported spindle in my top ten favorites!


  1. I ‘ve been spinning with my first ninja, which I got in the last sale and I love it! It is bigger than my other spindles, although light weight for its size, and I love it! I see why most of your favorite spindles are ninjas. I look forward to getting more.


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