Supported Spindle Fashion Show: Model 5

Say hello to the fifth model in my Supported Spindle Fashion Show: my Aaron Makes Stuff ceramic spindle and bowl!

Wait, you were expecting all the spindles to be Spanish Peacocks?

My Aaron Makes Stuff Ceramic Spindle and Bowl
My Aaron Makes Stuff Ceramic Spindle and Bowl

(I mean, I am contractually obligated to endorse Spanish Peacock products first… surprise, surprise!)

(And yes, if you watched the Supported Spindle Fashion Show live feed, you knew this was coming!)

What’s even more surprising about this spindle? Mike himself bought it for me for Christmas last year – although he couldn’t wait that long to give it to me! While I do own other, non-Spanish Peacock supported spindles, this is the only one I actually use regularly. The rest serve as “show and tell” when I teach supported spinning classes.

The spindle measures 11″ long, and weighs 24 grams. If you’ve read my previous posts, by now you’d recognize that is a PERFECT fit for me! This spindle has a holly shaft that coordinates beautifully with the blue and silver ceramic whorl and bowl.

This spindle and bowl make any fiber look good!
This spindle and bowl make any fiber look good!

I have learned two very important things about this spindle. First of all, I no longer take the bowl with me when spinning-on-the-go. I usually spin in the car when we run errands or go on road trips, but I am terrified of something happening to the bowl! It’s so beautiful and dainty, I would be devastated if I dropped it by accident and it broke. (Yes, this has happened to me before!)

Second: I cannot use this spindle in my plying stand. The part of the spindle below the whorl – what I usually refer to as the “neck”, as opposed to the tip or head – is just too thick to fit into the grooves on a Spanish Peacock plying stand. To get the fiber off, I held it carefully in my fingers while Mike slowly operated an electric drill holding a dowel (a.k.a., the “Power Winder 2000”).

Five more “models” after this one! Stay tuned to see the next supported spindle in my top ten favorites!

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