WWKIP Day Results

Even though I couldn’t participate in an “official” World Wide Knit in Public Day event, I still made a point of knitting in public this past Saturday, June 8.

Only two people said anything all day, which surprised me. I expected more comments or curiosity. But maybe knitting is so hip and trendy that of course I was knitting, what else would I do with my time?

The Peahen kniting in public for World Wide Knit in Public Day
The Peahen kniting in public for World Wide Knit in Public Day

Over the course of the day, I added approximately 25 inches – over 130 pattern rows – to the Just a Jamie Thing scarf. The fact that the pattern was broken up into discreet chunks was very helpful, because whenever I ended up with too many or too few stitches (yes, it happened!) it was easy to fix without impacting a large area of lace. Also, the pattern was simple enough to memorize, so I was able to knit faster since I wasn’t constantly looking at the instructions.

I noticed whenever I knit on autopilot, I switched back to the Russian purling. It got easier as the day went on to purl continental, but it still isn’t automatic. But the biggest challenge I faced all day: the salmon-colored yarn made me crave sushi!

I contemplated ending the scarf early, because the spinning quality degraded the I further got into the ball of yarn. The plying got looser, and the individual singles weren’t as tightly spun either. However both Mike and Peachick #2 suggested I keep going because the scarf’s future recipient won’t notice the different qualities of spinning … but she would definitely notice if the scarf was too short!

I’d love to hear anyone else’s stories about their WWKIP day experience! Please leave a comment below if you have a story to share.

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