Jamie Rose

I have a confession to make.

I have decided to start a new knitting project for World Wide Knit in Public Day. Even though it adds yet one more WIP to my current list of projects, I just couldn’t risk anything happening to my Angelique!

Feedback from readers was almost perfectly split between working on Angelique – despite the perils of knitting in public with distractions – and starting something new for the occasion. No one even suggested just, you know, not knitting on Saturday. Which is why I love you guys! Thank you to everyone who offered an opinion.

I am using the skein of yarn named “honeysuckle rose” in my Ravelry notebook. Friends, this is a cautionary tale about using Ravelry features smartly! I posted a photo of this handspun, but neglected to capture the fiber content or yardage! Oops? It weighs a bit over 3 ounces, and I’m guessing there is about 200 yards based on the length of and number of strands in the skeined yarn. (Yes, I should have actually measured it; no, I did not take the time to do so. I’ll do better next time, promise!)

For the record, none of my photos actually show the color correctly. Clearly I need a real photography studio! In the Ravelry picture, the skein burns hot pink. Here, my cell phone washed the color out to bubble gum.

The handspun for my WWKIP day project ... it's not bubble gum pink, I swear!
The handspun for my WWKIP day project … it’s not bubble gum pink, I swear!

The actual color is closer to salmon. In other words, it will make a lovely gift for someone else! Historically I have chosen colors for spinning which look pretty in the braid and pretty on my spindle and pretty when I’m plying, but wouldn’t ever wear once knitted. So here I go again, spinning and knitting something destined to be given away.

My friend Kristen at The Sojourning Spinner suggested overdying some of these yarns to a shade more amenable to my tastes, but I am terrified I would just make it worse!

I picked the Just a Jamie Thing pattern in my queue, which should provide the right level of knittability for WWKIP day. (And if “knittability” isn’t a real word, then it should be!) The pattern is short, and comments suggest it was easy enough to memorize. I have high hopes! I mean, four of the six pattern rows are just purling. Which will give me lots of practice with continental purling. (If you were wondering why I need practice purling, you can hear all about my knitting drama in this episode of my podcast.)

As a random aside: Yesterday, I made the mistake of looking on Instagram at what other spinners and knitters are doing out there. Holy crap! I have a massive inferiority complex now.


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