MDSW 2019

Yesterday’s weather was a wet soggy mess, perfect for a fiber show! Mike and I donned waterproof boots and Spanish Peacock shirts, and braved the rain to attend day two of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.
This was the first time we’d returned since Spanish Peacock stopped vending there several years ago

We had a lot of fun, and saw a lot of friends.

Mike of the Spanish Peacock with Jonathan and Sheila of Bosworth Spindles
Mike of the Spanish Peacock with Jonathan and Sheila of Bosworth Spindles… did you feel a disturbance in the Force?

It was weird being there as “just” a normal person, shopping and hanging out, rather than a vendor. We even ran into several people who assumed we were still set up and just on a break from our booth.

I may or may not have ended up with more fiber. This is ironic given how hard I have been working lately to purge my stash to the point where it fits in my craft closet. In fact, on the next episode of The Peahen’s Ponderings, I will be discussing out-of-control stash, unfinished projects, hobby-related clutter – and most importantly, what we can do about it – with my friend, Kristen Hughes.

The Peahen's Loot from MDSW 2019
The Peahen’s Loot from MDSW 2019… Yes more fiber. I am ashamed.

I also bought a new spindle, which is even more ironic given that I have mumble Spanish Peacock spindles already. Stranger yet, this baby is a Turkish spindle.  I never use Turkish spindles because I am a “process” spinner. Taking the time and paying enough attention to wrap the singles correctly around the arms interferes with my spinning flow. I will never, ever, spend the time to wrap a proper “turtle” (here is a tutorial, if you are curious). But the dyed ombre of this Turk’s arms was too gorgeous to pass up. I guess I have another example spindle to show folks when I teach my supported spinning classes!


  1. Great post. Looks like you matched the spindle to the fiber you purchased. Looks beautiful. Really looking forward to seeing your supported spinning. Also looking forward to seeing the plying rack in motion. Had I been there I would have assumed the same (that you were taking a break from your booth). It’s very difficult to go to a fiber show and not buy fiber or spindles. Those peach gummies look like fun! Congrats.


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