Why We Need the Messy Arts Pavilion

Since my last post, we have launched a new fundraiser specifically to raise the necessary capital to build the Messy Arts Pavilion at Cedar Springs.

I also created a new video focused on one of the classes we would teach in the pavilion: wildcrafting local plants and using them to dye fiber. I already knew there were dye plants available on the property. Goldenrod greeted us with its cheerful yellow blooms the day we closed and could call it “ours” for the first time. (Well, ours and the bank’s.)

But the more I learned about the plants for this video, the more I was blown away by the range of colorful options that await us! I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed researching and recording it.

I might have gotten carried away talking about natural dyes so this video might be longer than a lot of recent content on the Cedar Springs channel!

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