Blog Interrupted

You might’ve noticed I’ve been quiet here lately.

Another project has devoured huge chunks of my time and most of my brain cells.

For those of you who might not follow the Spanish Peacock on Facebook, we are launching a fiber arts center and retreat in West Virginia. This will be a multi-year project, but we’ve taken the first step – finding and buying land. We closed on the property this past weekend, so now the adventure really begins!

Discover more information about the future Cedar Springs Fiber Arts Center and Retreat online here.


  1. Between the fractal spin, and DeTour De Fleece, you put a lot of time in for the flock.
    You should be spending energy on this endeavor for yourself and family!


  2. […] For those of you unfamiliar with this project, here is a brief summary. Cedar Springs Fiber Arts Center and Retreat is envisioned to be a venue where people from the fiber arts community can gather to share their knowledge, skills and crafting expertise with each other. We purchased the property for the retreat last year. […]


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