Spanish Peacock 2020 Year in Review and 2021 Look Ahead

In episode 14, Mike of the Spanish Peacock and I discuss Spanish Peacock highlights from 2020, and peek ahead at what we expect for the new year.


That’s right … we did it. In this episode of the Peahen’s Ponderings, Mike and I recounted some of the Spanish Peacock highlights from 2020, and dared to speculate on what 2021 might hold! We also provide a very important public service announcement about how Spanish Peacock handles notifications about shop updates.

We also recorded a YouTube video for this one, which you can find here:

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast:

The Cedar Springs and Fiber Arts Retreat fundraiser:

Support Spindles Anonymous Facebook Group:

My original “Choosing a Supported Spindle” podcast which I may need to update:

My Supported Spindle Fashion Show – search this blog, or check out the video on Facebook:

Oh, It’s You Bob Nissan Sentra commercial:

The previous podcast, about why spindles wobble …

… and the YouTube version of the same

The Spanish Peacock Tote Life Product Listing:

MidAtlantic Fiber Association:

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival:

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