Gratitude in Challenging Times

In episode 12 of the Peahen’s Ponderings, I share the last five months of life at Casa de Peacock, and give personal examples of being grateful even in difficult times.


Honestly, I could have talked for several hours on the subjects of gratitude, its importance, and all the things I feel grateful for, despite how f’d up 2020 has turned out to be. The actual start date of COVID-19 “quarantine” for our family was March 13, 2020 (incorrectly stated as the 15th in the podcast), which means we have been trapped in the same house together for FIVE MONTHS. Join me as I explore about what COVID has done to our year, and how I am still finding ways to be grateful despite the challenges.

UPDATE! I have a MUCH better example of being grateful even when bad things happen than the lame band-aid story I made up during this podcast. You can read for yourself in this blog post.

A selfie taken while recording this podcast ... I am grateful I don't have to earn a living from selfies!
I am grateful I don’t have to earn a living from my selfies, because they are still terrible

Music Credits:

You may have noticed there is no music this time around. As much as I love Blue Dot Sessions, I realized I was spending too much time trying to force the music to fit.

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast:

A few articles about the importance of gratitude:

The glossy “new” (as of summer 2019) Spanish Peacock website:

The glossy and even newer Flashdance Designs website:

Cedar Springs Fiber Arts Retreat fundraiser on GoFundMe:

TailorMade Garments, purveyors of masks (as well stage and historical costumes):

Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival, our last great hurrah for 2020:

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  1. […] In my last podcast, I discussed my daily gratitude practice. I almost mentioned how, when something particularly bad happens, I attempt to find some way, however small, to still be grateful. Of course, I completely and utterly failed to think of a compelling example until long after I had stopped recording and published the podcast! […]


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