New Video! Starting Fiber on Your Supported Spindle

Meet the stars of my latest video!

  • A 10″ Spanish Peacock Russian lace spindle and spindle bowl
  • Superfine merino
  • And making its debut in fiber videos: waxed dental floss!
The Stars of My Latest Supported Spinning Video
The Stars of My Latest Supported Spinning Video

(Masking tape made a cameo appearance in the video as well, but was too shy to pose for a group photo!)

If you struggle to get the fiber started on your supported spindle, or it just won’t stayย on the spindle shaft long enough for you to draft and spin the fiber, this video is for you!

I demonstrate two different techniques for starting the fiber, and explain how to wrap the fiber around the spindle shaft in a way that works with your spinning instead of against it.ย 

The Peahen Presents: Two Ways to Start Fiber on a Supported Spindle


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