Spanish Peacock 2019 Year in Review and 2020 Look Ahead

In episode 11 of The Peahen’s Ponderings, Mike and I discuss Spanish Peacock highlights from 2019, and peek ahead at what we expect for the new year.


In this episode of the Peahen’s Ponderings, Mike joins me to review Spanish Peacock highlights from 2019 and discuss what’s in store for 2020.

This is my least edited podcast to date, so expect the content to be, um, a bit more dynamic and fluid than in previous episodes!

Mike King, Contemplating the Challenges of Podcasting
Mike King, Contemplating the Challenges of Podcasting

Music Credits:

The music track is The Envelope by Blue Dot Sessions. You can discover more of their music online here.

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast:

We discussed several different fiber shows during this episode, unfortunately not all of them have updated information for 2020 yet. You can learn more about the shows we may attend (Home Spun Yarn Party, Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival, Fibernate Farmer’s Market, MD Alpaca and Fleece Festival, and/or Frederick Fiber Fest – and maybe others) as we get dates lined up at
My blog:
A supported spinning Facebook group: Support Spindles Anonymous
My supported spinning video that was just me spinning to music, as opposed to the upcoming “chatty” video (still in the planning stages)


  1. Great podcast, both of you!! Lucky people in the areas you will be showing at!! I’m looking forward to more podcasts and videos! Thanks so much.

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