Another WIP Bites the Dust

Finally! I have officially completed my Broken Ornaments spinning work in progress (WIP).

Broken Ornaments Skein, approx 320 soft squishy yards of color
Broken Ornaments Skein, approx 320 soft squishy yards of color

I’m using my friend Kristen’s rules of thumb for when a WIP counts as done. 1) Could it (in theory at least) be sold at a local yarn store? And / or, 2) Could it (in theory at least) be entered in a fiber arts competition? I can definitely say ‘Yes’ to both of those. It may be a lumpy, uneven skein of yarn, but I have a rough yardage count (320-ish) and the twist has been set. It can now take its place of pride … on the shelf with the other handspun yarns I can’t decide how best to use!

(For more information about the whys and wherefores of tracking and completing WIPs, you can listen to my interview with Kristen here.)

I am pleased with how this skein turned out. Chain-plying the singles yarn gave me pretty sections of color. I know the “barber pole” look is all the rage in homespun, but with Broken Ornaments I couldn’t see the orange, blues and violets all intermixed! Even if they are “complementary” colors on a color wheel.

The chain-plying technique also produced a three-ply yarn, with a soft and squishy feel. Most of my handspun has been two-ply, which isn’t bad. It’s just not … round like the three-ply. Yes, I know spinning books talk about this, but it’s one thing to read it and another to touch it! I am definitely looking forward to knitting with Broken Ornaments, if I can find a project that would really show off all those colors!

Do you have any suggestions for what I should knit? Leave a comment below!

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