STILL Not a YouTube Star!

At long last, I have recorded a simple little video of my technique for supported spinning. Sorry it took so long – there were technical difficulties as well as my own angst to overcome before this video could come into existence! (I discussed some of this in my last podcast.)

But the pros outweighed the cons, and finally I give you: the visual learner’s dream, 13+ minutes of nothing but me spinning!

Thirteen Minutes of Fibery Goodness!

If you want chit-chat and gory explanations of every movement I make, all the whys and wherefores, that video is coming as well. First I have to find a better way to record good audio… and learn how to not stumble over my own tongue every few words!

Technical details:

  • The spindle is a Spanish Peacock Pu Yok Tibetan-style spindle
  • The bowl was also made by Spanish Peacock
  • The fiber is superfine merino (purchased from The Woolery, if memory serves)
  • The music is courtesy of Blue Dot Sessions, the tracks (in order) are The Envelope, Palladian, and True Blue Sky
My pu yok and bowl - the real stars of this video!
My pu yok and bowl – the real stars of this video!

It’s a good thing YouTube videos aren’t juried because I still suck at recording videos! Hopefully someday I will get the hang of it!


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